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Have You Ever Been Mistaken for Someone Famous?

I have never been mistaken for someone specifically, although I have been told I look like {gasp} Brittney Spears and Helen Hunt. My husband says it’s the nose. I would love to have Helen’s hair. It was very nice in Twister. One morning I was at Wal-Mart getting some snacks for a writer’s conference. The cashier asked me if I had anything interesting planned for the day. I almost said no, because they make small talk sometimes while they’re getting change. Instead, I told him I was going to a writer’s conference. His eyes lit up as he handed me my change. “Are you famous?” I barely got the money put away and he was shaking my hand. I looked dumbly at the people in line behind me, smiled and told him no. He said, dead serious and with enough conviction that I almost believed him, “But you will be.” I was thinking, okay, sure. I wonder if he thought I was lying, because wouldn’t lots of people who were famous lie to avoid a scene? My hair looked good that day, but I don’t believe it was H…