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Best Title EVER!

I was working diligently on C&C, but then I got distracted and I reread The Rainbow Serpent. Sometimes I get bored and I enjoy these adventures and quirky characters so much that I read them over and over. Note: I have never reread C&C with the same joie de vivre I read TRS and Treacherous Tumbles with. Laying in bed one night, unable to sleep I was thinking about NaNoWriMo. Fifty-three thousand words in 23 days last year. Easy as pie. FYI, pies are not easy. Whoever said that is a moron. Unless you buy the already made crust and open a can of filling, it’s not that easy. Don’t forget, you still have to cook it. Even if you buy a frozen pie, you have to wait for it that thaw out. Easy? Puh-lease. Back to the point: I don’t need to tell you the story was passive, underdeveloped and well, pick something wrong with beginner’s writing and it was probably wrong. I’m hesitant to commit myself to NaNo this year. I want to. I want to feel the excitement of watching my numbers bar ris…