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My Feel-Good Photo of the Day

The FBers have already seen this. They like it. I like it. I like it. Hanging out at Books-A-Million one Friday evening, I wandered into the Romance section. I found the C's and I thought. I'd be here if I were published. I was trying to get the Romance sign in it, but if my book (or books) was on the shelf, I'd be slightly to the right of that sign. After P. C. Cast and a Chambers, I think. There weren't a terrible amount of people whose last name started with C. Top shelf. I like the sound of that.

Ugh, I just need 13k more words to finish up The Treasure Hunter's Lady. C'mon, A. R. Look at the picture and feel the inspiration.

Like Riding A Bicycle

Cliche alert! Cliche alert!

Wait. No, not really. Not that one about how if you jump on a bike years after you learned, you can pick it up easily again. I'm talking about learning to ride a bike. Embarrassing story time! Gather 'round.

When I was a wee half pint, my uncle bought me a bicycle. Metallic blue with a banana seat and a flowery basket on the front. This is in the days before they even made helmets and safety pads (I'm joking, but in the part of the world where I grew up, we didn't believe in such things). Riding with training wheels--easy. Learning to ride without--difficult. The summer I got my bike, we went on vacation. To a camp ground. In a camper. We had electric and flushing toilets and all that, so we were hardly roughing it. The roads were even paved. Well, you can imagine a clumsy seven-year-old and her first bike sans training wheels and no safety devices within 25 miles. Boom, little girl hits pavement, loses some elbow skin and gives up bike rid…

Theme songs

Admit it. You have one. Some inspiring song that gets you through your writing time. When the world pees in your Post Toasties, this song picks you up. I'll give you my top five if you give me yours.

I found them all on YouTube, but rather than wait for them to load, it's easier to do a link. Looks nicer too.

The Climb - Miley Cyrus
I know, I know. I'm how old? But really, this one jazzes me. I always come back to this one.

Maybe - Sick Puppies
This is a newish song to me. It makes me think that instead of sitting around whinging about how I never get anything edited, maybe I should try.

Firework - Katy Perry
Okay, this one is just the tiniest bit annoying. But I dig the lyric about floating around like plastic bag. Yup.

Get What You Give - New Radicals
Throw back. New Radicals broke up after their first record. Bummer. I love this song even though some of it is kind of weird.

Dare You To Move - Switchfoot
This one is about forgetting the mistakes you made and moving on to try again…

A Real Writer

I had an awesome idea for a post. Until I forgot what it was. So forget that and let's try something else in hopes that I'll remember what it was later.

The real writer. What makes a 'real' writer in your definition? Starting a novel? Finishing a novel? (Or for the sake of argument, a short story or newspaper column, a blog even. Those folks are writing, after all). Editing a novel? Winning an award? Getting published? describes a writer as someone who writes, especially as an occupation. Another definition says it's someone who writes well. That sounds a bit stuck up to me. Of course, our goal is to learn to write well so we can be published. Anything worth doing... blah, blah, blah.

When did I first consider myself a writer? What's with the hard questions, Larry King? I don't know. Maybe it was one of those predestined things. I guess I knew for sure I loved writing when I was in sixth grade.

This is so embarrassing, but when I was a k…

Winter Blues? Never!

Monday night we had wintry weather. Ick. I hate winter. Except that I don't feel as bad about leaving my head stuck in the computer for hours at a time like I do during summer. Seems like such a shame to waste pretty weather.

Pretty weather was about the furthest thing from my mind Monday evening. Husband plows snow for the state when, you know, there is snow to plow. So he was off doing his thing and my computer was begging to be typed on. What's a girl to do when left along for an entire evening?

A regular girl probably paints her toe-nails, mixes up a facial or watches a chick flick, but this girl opened a new document file and fixed up a query letter. But wait! I didn't stop there; I wrote a synopsis too. Take that Shoulder Devil and Evil Editor! And I cleaned up the first three chapters so that when I start the hunt for an agent, I have a partial.

No fooling around in 2011. Whatever your excuse is, it's just an excuse. Look at me. I don't set goals. Goals are f…

The Devil On My Shoulder

It all started with New Years. An anti-resolution. Most people say, "I'd like to write a book some day." I say, "Hell with this, I'm not stopping at one!" And I didn't.

I have five unedited and/or unfinished manuscripts saved on my computer. Since February 2009. You see the issue here. Too much writing, too little editing. To reiterate: I hate resolutions. They're stupid because no one ever follows through. So I made a declaration instead. I'm going to edit instead of write this year. Well, sort of. I have to add 30,000 to one novel because it's far too short.

We're ten days into the month. I have my oh-so-darling novella in hand. The apple of my eye, a funky little historical-fantasy-romance number. It met its happily ever after at somewhere around 28,000 words. I never intended it to be anything other than a novella. Which would've worked out really well (you know, sans editing) if it wasn't for this supporting character. He tho…