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Triple A - Part 2

Long promised and not forgotten. Yours truly brings you a character based on a true story this time. Defiance is the movie. Zus Bielski is the hero. Played by super-hottie Liev Schreiber. Zus and his brothers formed the Bielski partisan. The partisan protects other Jewish refugees from the Nazis in the Białowieża Forest all while vowing to avenge the murder of their family.

My husband hated this movie because like everyone else probably thought, he assumed Daniel Craig was really going to kick some tail. I mean, dude's on the cover of the box, right? Mr. Schreiber was the real star in this movie. Okay, fine. I just think he's hot and he made one hell of a take-charge alpha. Let's move on.

Zus has a fight with Tuvia and leaves to join the Soviet partisan, who agreed to protect the Jews in exhange for supplies. Winter comes. There isn't enough food for the refugees, the camp is full of sickness and spirits are generally down. Tuvia's leadership is in question over a…

When Life Jumps Up and Bites Your Butt

World turning - check, sun shining - check (well, it did this afternoon, but it's dark now), pulse pulsing - check. So ends my (scant) hope of winning a full MS request from Suzie Townsend. It carked it Friday evening when I recieved a reject from her. Gee, waste much time on that fekking 140 character pitch? Well, not really. No big loss, right? You can still check out the other writer's entries at Shelley Watters' blog. There are some really good ones. Good luck to those folks. Thanks for the comments, I've never had more viewers that I did entering this contest. That was a plus at least.

When life jumps up and bites your butt, you have to figure out a way to go on. I'm considering several options at this point. Like not setting THL in Australia. I'm currently researching Native American serpent legends and I may very well edit the novel to set it in America. I'm also thinking extremely seriously about chucking the first chapter, but I have no idea how to…

Drumroll, Please

Here it is, the moment you've all been waiting for. I know, right? The one line, super-duper pitch for The Treasure Hunter's Lady, fantasy-historical romance:

A cowboy willing to risk his life to keep a promise; a woman bold enough to uphold her values; a legend that will bind them together.

Written in honor of the contest at Shelley Watter's blog. And I feel pretty spiffy because I now own a one-line pitch. Whew, it took several hours to come up with it, but it was a great challenge. At least it didn't take me days. You should see some of the other stuff I came up with!

Snakes in a cave. 'Nuff said. ;)