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Many Happy Returns

I'm dragging butt this week (I know, I know it's only Tuesday) because the full time circulation clerk at work is on vacation. Sitting at the desk is really, really boring. It does, however, lend me time to practice my pitch. In my head, because I can only imagine the looks I'd get if I was saying it out loud. Yesterday was sooooo long and I have another afternoon of it when the part-time clerk goes home at one.

And it's my birthday, so I'm trying to figure out ways to stop time before the official minute of birth rolls around. I'm 19 ten years running if that tells you anything. I was feeling pretty cranky this morning because it thunder stormed all night and I didn't get much sleep, then when I got up, my back was killing me because our mattress is evil wrapped in white polyester. So I'm thinking I have a whole day of boringness to look forward to with an egg sandwich for lunch.

Until I checked my e-mail. And found this link: Congratulations to the…

And, here's the pitch!

The Ozarks Romance Authors Annual Conference is coming up July 23rd. We're having an agent and an editor who will be taking pitches that morning. So, I signed up. Scared of her shadow lil' ol' me decided to take a risk by sitting down in front of a real live agent. I figured, why not, no one is going to laugh me out of the building.

It's one of those things where if I don't do it, I'll kick myself later for not doing it. I don't have anything to lose, because let's face it, I'm all out of pride. I try really hard not to second guess myself, but when you've been at it your whole life, well, it's like trying to kick any habit. It's tough.

Instead of agonizing over my pitch, I'm agonizing over what to wear. I figure this is not a bad thing. There's a slight chance I can write my way out of wet paper bag. There's an even better chance that I will go to the pitch looking like the redneck-hillbilly nightmare that I am. As in, I ju…