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Monday Morning Musing

Sorry, I don't have any SIFWIW news. I didn't do anything but sit around all weekend watching movies, looking at pictures of cats with funny captions and trying to turn my brain into gel. It either didn't work or it's already so gelatinous that it didn't matter.

I'm here today because I always post on Monday unless it's a holiday. I don't have to tell you that. Not that I particularly wanted to get up because I worked so hard editing last night that when I finally went to bed, my arms and hands tingled and wouldn't let me sleep and now I'm so tired I might as well be a zombie. Wait--that's unusual how? It's Monday, after all. I just wish I had a donut. I think I could really make it through today if I had a donut.

I forged through a round of edits, highlighted some spots in the MS where I need to add a few details. I'm getting there. I'm a little alarmed at some of the things I did wrong (particularly where I made one word into t…

Swan Song

A woman greeted her husband at the door after he got home from playing golf with his buddies. “How did your golf game go today, honey?” she asked. “It was terrible,” he answered. “Steve died at the ninth hole.” “Oh, no. You that must have been so hard for you.” “It was,” he confirmed. “The next nine holes were hit the ball, drag Steve. Hit the ball, drag Steve.”
I hope you got a little laugh out of that. We can all use a laugh from time and time. You see, I've been the recipient of bad news.
Twenty-six days ago, I got the news that The Treasure Hunter's Lady was coming out as an e-book. Thursday I got an e-mail saying that the publishing house had closed its doors before it ever got a book out there.
Contract signed. Cover designed. Edits in progress. Release date announced. I can't decide what's worse, the dissolution of a dream or that I told everyone I know. Or if all rolled into one, the whole thing is one of the worst experiences of my life. Not the worst, by an…

The Friday Five - Too Bad To Be Real

I have to go visit the in-laws Friday, so you get TFF two days early. It's like Christmas a month early, huh? Maybe you should reserve judgement until the end...

I have a kind of weird obsession with cartoon characters. Particularly male cartoon characters who are badasses. I think watching cartoons is what stimulated the type of heroes I gravitate toward. My favorites are always the ones who jump into a situation without a plan and can pull off snarky dialogue. Let's take a peek.

#1) Raphael from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987) - Described in the theme song as "cool but crude". He's highly aggressive and prone to wanting to kill Foot Soldiers. While he doesn't challenge the leadership of his brother Leonardo, he often quips about Leo's decisions and he has a soft spot for the youngest turtle, Michaelangelo. Let's put aside for a moment the very weird fact that he's a turtle. For all his dark emotions, deep down, he really feels loyal to those…

Stuff I Find While I'm Walking - Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid

Welcome to November. This month brought some rain and cold with it, not to mention that dratted time change, which makes walking after work an impossibility. Walking before work you say? Ha ha. No. For starters, it's cold and for seconders, it's cold out there. Did I mention it's cold? What am I, an Eskimo? I think not. So I slapped cold in the face and went indoors to find you some awesome pics that we should actually call 'Holy crap, those photos are like nightmares come true'. Okay, one of them was taken outdoors when I went walking yesterday and I brave treacherous rocks and snake pits to get it. You'll see it in a minute.

I want to start off with this one because it is utterly terrifying. Yes, that is a ventriloquist dummy sitting in a chair, patiently waiting for someone to stick his or her hand up its bum so it can possess them for eternity. You think I'm joking, don't you? Well, the risk is yours to take, but when your head is spinning wildly an…

The Friday Five - Romantic Comedies

I love a good laugh. Keeps me going through good times and bad. As much as I love to kick a character when he/she is down, I like to give them good dialogue and witty personalities so that they come across as real to the reader. I know I'm sometimes inspired the romantic comedies I've watched. Let's take a look at my five faves.

#1)  Fool's Gold - Um, I'll just say it. My favorite part of the movie is where Donald Sutherland and that girl who plays his daughter are talking about why the boat is named 'Precious Gem'. She makes a great bimbo. I love this movie because Matt and Kate have beautiful on-screen chemistry. They portray an excellent couple, especially when they're at odds. Props for Finn for never giving up on his dream, boo because it almost cost him the woman he loved. My husband says that Tessa is unforgiving, but I think that's because men's minds and women's minds don't run on the same tracks if you know what I mean. Ah, I l…

Stuff I Find While I'm Walking - More Hats

Hey, it's windy out there, you don't want me to get blown away. So I scoured the shops again and found for you more hats. I don't think I'll ever be able to top that chicken hat/face mask thing though. I did find something of interest while driving through Webb City, Mo. A giant set of praying hands. What in the world? The idea of building them was introduced in 1971 by a young art student. You can learn more about them at The Praying Hands Statue.

The other day my husband and I went to Gordman's, a great department store that brags about having the same brands and designs for less than the higher department stores. I don't know about the same stuff, but they do have some good things. I got a new purse for $9. What a bargain! And I got to try on some really great hats. Like this poofy fake-wool and pseudo-suede one. That could keep you warm on a winter day. It's very jaunty, don't you think?

I'm always a fan of the cloche hat from the '20s and …

The Friday Five - Five Foods I Can't NaNo Without

I know, you hear NaNoWriMo and it translates into blah, blah, blah. Aren't I done with that yet? Well, unfortunately (or maybe fortunately as the holiday season is upon us) it's only the 11th. So, no. There are 19 days left for NaNoing.

Today I'm thinking about foods that inspire me to write. How do they inspire me? It's not like I write big long paragraphs about meals in my stories. But food is fuel for the body like... something something something is fuel for the creative mind (you see, I'm sitting here on an empty stomach right now and can hardly think). There are monks somewhere in the world reading this post, saying that I indulge my sweet tooth far too often to compensate for the amount of work I do, but oh well. You only live once, you might as well enjoy pie.

While I sit and write, I usually have a beverage at hand. This allows me to pick up a cup and do something with my hands while I struggle to think of the next witty thing for a character to say. I act…

Wednesday WriMo Woes

Here we are, middle of week two of NaNoWriMo. It's been going well. I don't feel desperate crazy like I have in the past. That makes me suspicious of next week, as it well should.

If I've learned one thing from expanding THL, it's that I have often rushed into the really awesome actions scenes. I am plying The Sky Pirate's Wife with lots of excellent detail and dialogue. No, I will not have SPW finished when the end of the month rolls around. It will be shy of about 30k, which I will attempt to add on in December depending on what kind of edits The Treasure Hunter's Lady needs. Should THL need copious amounts of edits that take up a great amount of time (aha! I knew there was a reason I had all those vacation days saved up!), I will attempt to finish SPW in January. If some miracle occurs (i.e. unicorns pooping rainbows that magically turn into words in my document, Dr. Pepper fountains springing up in my living room and give me motivation and the entire story, …

Stuff I Find While I'm--Oh Shoot, I Didn't Go Walking

I had an ORA meeting Saturday and then I spent a couple of hours upping my word count for NaNoWriMo on Saturday. It was a lovely day and we hadn't set our clocks back yet, so it wasn't like I didn't have daylight hours in which to walk, I just didn't.

Yesterday, as we were trying to adjust to the time change, we slept in late and I finished a book I was reading before we decided to take in a movie. Puss In Boots. It was all right. Not the same story quality as Shrek, perhaps, but I had trouble getting my mind around a cat as a hero. Humpty, however, was an eggs-cellent villain. Bad pun? Oh, sorry. No, I'm not.

I should think you would pardon me for not walking as I experienced my first earthquake Saturday night. Actually, I guess it was an aftershock, but it still scared me. I was about to run for a doorway. While I was sitting in my chair and reading, the propane heater started to rattle. Then the floor started to shake. I looked at my husband. He said, "It&#…

The Friday Five - Romance Authors Who Shaped The Way I Write

Today I wanted to take a look at some of the romance writers that inspired me to write romance. 'Course there are a slew of writers who inspired me, but these are special for couple of reasons. Oooo, especially the last one. Just wait.

#1) Rosanne Bittner - In The Shadow of the Mountains
This is the first romance novel I ever read. I was 12 and it was summertime and we were at a used bookstore. It has been many a year since I read it, but I always remember what the poor heroine had to go through to marry the man she loved. First, despite the fact that she looks blonde on the cover, she's part Native American. Second, she was forced to marry a man who was cruel to her while her little sister was perfectly happen to have relations with him. Third, this other guy she might possibly have loved got killed by an arrow and lastly, her step-mother wouldn't allow her to see the man she loved because he was Mexican. It was a story and a half. But it had an HEA. I don't know, but…