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The Friday Five - Kindle Free Promotions

Yesterday was my first day of free Kindle promotion. I woke up yesterday morning thinking: during this 5-day free period, I want to give away 1,000 copies of The Treasure Hunter's Lady. One thousand people somewhere on this earth will surely download my book in the coming days. Then I was thinking, gee, that's a lofty goal. It'll never happen. I'll be lucky to get 100.

Let me show you what my downloads looked like at 8 AM CST.

1700 downloads equates to  Yesterday at go-home time I was #3.

In the UK?
Gee, not quite 200. Doesn't seem like much, does it? But I've heard it said that the UK is behind us as far as e-books go. So where's this put me on a chart?

So, people who think self-publishing isn't worth anything, got a question for you. You're going to eat your words, how do you want them served?

My Birthday Wish

Huzzah! I'm 19 today! What's that? Eleven years running? No, I'm sure you're mistaken about that. Last year was my eight--oh, yeah. Twenty-ninth birthday. So that makes me . . . one plus twenty-nine is . . . yeah, that's 19. Of course my math is right, no question. Party on!

Cake for everyone!

Also a huge shout out:

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Yes, it's her birthday too. Happy birthday, Mom! I love you!

You can thank her and my dad for this next bit because if there was no me, there'd be no freebie (I rhymed, it's my birthday, I can do whatever I want. I'm pretty sure that's a law.)

To celebrate this most joyous of occasions (one can never have too many 19th birthdays), I'm giving you a gift.

What is it? What is it? What is it?

Hold on to your hot pants, Kindle lovers. 

You, yes you and you and you and even that person you're not fond of, but you love me enough that you want to spread the word and you'll tell him too, can download The Treasure Hu…

Pretty Pictures 'Cause I'm Tired

Today, because I'm reeling from an exhausting weekend (which is partially due to extreme heat--the National Weather Service thermometer in my office confirms temps at 100.2 yesterday), I'm giving you photos from Saturday night at the Hurley Fireworks display. I took these with my new birthaversary present, a camera my husband of eight years bought for me (and my birthday is this week too). That's eight years today, kids. Sometimes we joke it feels more like 800. 
I even named them for you.

Come On In Outta That Heat, Don't Dawdle, The Air's On.

Great googly-moogly! Today is the first day of summer. I hope you're all enjoying the hop and are prepared to win stuff from some of your favorite authors. If you're lost or out of the hop loop, you can access it from here:

Summer is my favorite time of year. Tan lines, flip flops, shorts, sunshine, and sweet ice tea. Okay, sure, it's practically sub-tropical here in the Midwest, but I love the long days (shh, don't tell me they'll start getting shorter from now on, I don't want to hear that), quiet evenings spent on the porch around the citronella candle, and the sounds of the peepers and cicadas.

You're getting a two-fer today. Let's start with a tie-in with the Friday Five, since the hop is running all weekend, I'm going to spout off five facts about the solstice. So settle in, pour you a lemonade, prepare to learn and read, and maybe even win something.

 The Druids celebrated the Summer Solstice as the "wedding of Hea…

Playing Catch Up

Thanks to everyone who threatened to beat people who are mean to me. You guys are the best. I would do the same for you. I'm very good at standing around looking threatening--for a 5'5" blonde. Just say the word, I'm there.
I went to the library on Saturday to try to catch up with NaNo. I was behind because I didn't write anything on Friday. I did, however, have the best piece of tiramisu I've ever had in my life. Want to drag me out of doldrums? Feed me cake with coffee liquor in it. I felt freakin' awesome after that. But then there was Saturday:
I couldn't concentrate at the library, not with my laptop doing updates and making YouTube skip, not with a couple of guys making noise by the magazine section and looking my way now and then. Like what, you never seen anyone sitting in a chair typing, dude? Okay, maybe typing isn't the key word here. It was more like muttering under my breath as OpenOffice repeatedly popped up the message OpenOffice No…


I hate posting when I feel like 7 kinds of dog shit stomped on by an elephant, eaten by a tiger, crapped out again in a swamp where a giant mutant alligator swallowed me and then vomited me back up to feed its nest of tiny gatorlings only to have them reject me and the big gator to deposit my remains where they were sure to be consumed by foxfire, but I have a couple of things I need to say.

I wanted to release The Sky Pirate's Wife in June originally. I wanted to do it before my birthday. I was able to recognize and console myself that that was never going to happen. There were too many kinks that needed worked out and then I got involved in some other things (not gangs or drugs or alcohol) that required more time than I ever could have imagined.

And on top of that, I've been dealing with an issue about whether or not by self-publishing I've actually achieved something. I thought I had, but someone said something and now it's eating at me like a starving dog with a bo…

Author Interview - Bethanne Strasser

What's your book/current WIP about?
I first wrote For Love or Duty in 2010. My husband was about to join the military and I thought it would be fun to put a story together that showcased military life…or what I imagined military life could be like. I wanted my heroine to be strong, yet flawed. I’m afraid I pulled the oldest stereotype in the book. The military brat. Only mine is reformed. It’s about a woman who has promised never to get involved with an officer ever again. But not for the reason you might think! She grew up so full of herself and her father’s rank. After hitting the bottom of the barrel and coming face-to-face with herself, Valerie knows that going back to that life would not make her the person she wants to be. But, of course, Someone [up there] has other plans for her. Enter, Kevin Morgan, stage left—the Army Captain stationed at Fort Bragg. Well, you can imagine her personal battle when she finds herself drawn to him. Likewise, he has a few dilemmas of his own …

A NaNo Week in Review

Let's look at the number tally for the weekend: Total: 32,000 NaNo Written: 16, 735 Total percentage: 40%
I spent about four hours catching up yesterday because I didn't write much Saturday. I was down over 3,000 words. Today the goal is 18 something and tomorrow it's 20k. It seems unbelievable. I always get bogged down in the 20's so this should prove to be an interesting week.
In other news, Mom bought a box of The Treasure Hunter's Lady. They arrived just in time for the Turner Family Reunion. We sold out (okay, there were only 7, but still) and that felt pretty good. It was just kind of awesome to see a box with my books in it. Somehow touching brand new copies never gets old. I didn't sniff them or anything to see if they smelled good, but I bet they did. You know, like money scented. Tee hee.

Ending The First Week of Camp NaNo

What a week. Mostly I feel drained. Not from writing, at least, I don't think that's why. In fact, my word count is over 27,000 with the 12,000 I've added from Camp Nano. The Turncoat's Temptress is coming along better than I could have hope.

Well, the word count is at least. I'm having serious doubts about these characters and where they might be taking the plot. Just write, Allison. We can fix the major problems later. Much, much later. I don't want to fail at camp.
Still editing The Sky Pirate's Wife. It's a month and 8 days until the release. I'll be editing up until a few days before it's time to upload that puppy. So the word that I'm still editing shouldn't come as a shock to anyone. Come the month mark, I'll start advertising it more, so you'll be wanting to look for it. Until your eyeballs bleed from all the stuff I'm going to tell you about it. Okay? Good, glad we got that cleared up.
There's a slight pinch in …

Author Interview - Aubrie Dionne

Morning everyone! Help me welcome Aubrie Dionne as our guest today!

What's your book/current WIP about?

After a whole year and a half of writing sci fi, I’m finally returning to my fantasy roots! Yay! I’d forgotten how long it takes to write epic fantasy prose. Every sentence must flow like a lyric poem. But, it’s so much fun to talk about dragons and minstrels and leave the lasers and space ships behind
for at least a little while.

Care to share your favorite line(s) from your story?

Probably the tag line for the whole series: The hunt for paradise was only the beginning.

What's your next project?

I’m writing about a princess, her bodyguard, and a minstrel from a neighboring kingdom seeking her hand. This is a story about the power of music verses the power of steel. I’m having a grand time writing it.

Describe your writing in a sentence.

Lyrical, fantastical, and driven.

Do you choose character names or do the characters whisper them in your ears?

I make them up when I’m bored, t…

It Is The First Day of June

and so, today, someone will die.

No, I'm joking. Sorry, that was the opening line in The Scorpio Races, only it was November.

But today is the opening day of Camp NaNoWriMo. It's 11:01 am CST as I'm writing this and I have approximately 100 words written. I. Am. Stuck.

I'm that kid the other campers left hanging by her undies on a post down by the boat dock. Enter ye olde massive wedgie. Big ol' writing wedgie. Lovely.

I need to get to the next scene from where I am, but I'm having difficulties getting into the characters' heads. They aren't playing nice.

Yeah, I felt like I didn't have enough stress, so here am, pretending to NaNo. Or rather, writing a blog post bitching about pretending to NaNo because I can't think of any way to move the scene forward. Yup. It's NaNo time.

See you 'round the campfire (where we will be using the previously written 17,000 words to fuel our hot dog and s'mores broiling flames).