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The Friday Five - Reasons to Celebrate

At last! Friday! Welcome! Get in here, you big ol' weekend kicker-offer! We've missed you! Don't ever leave us again.

I feel like I've waited forever for this Friday because it's leading up to a 3-day weekend. Thanks, Labor Day. I also have good news, so today's TFF is all about reasons to celebrate. (Also, I read somewhere that August is the most depressing month in the year...Not for me, but okay, if those big-shot scientists think so.)
1) The Turncoat's Temptress is ready for print. So it'll be coming to an Amazon Marketplace near you soon. Feels like this day was forever in coming.

2) The galley review of The Convict and the Cattleman is over! Which means, I've spent this week reviewing the final (yes!) copies of the ebooks for last minute discrepancies. We have a release date, people: February 3rd, 2014. You can read chapter 1 here.

3) I'm pretty sure I mentioned: Labor Day! The day celebrating all things labor and economically achieved in t…

Book Feature & Giveaway - Crossing Paths

Synopsis: The crossing paths of friendship, family, love, and loss are often complicated.

June Deckert and Caroline Smith sparked a friendship in college that carried them through graduation. Although they are complete opposites in every way, they have spent the last four years inseparable.

That is, until now.

June finds herself falling for a man who seems unattainable. As she works side by side with him on a new media campaign, their feelings for each other come alive. But when his actions start to speak louder than words, she wonders if she’s missing something.

Meanwhile, Caroline is fighting against her feelings for a recent acquaintance, and she decides to keep her new love interest a secret from June. Overwhelmed by these new emotions, her moods change swiftly, swinging up and down like a yo-yo.

While June and Caroline try to maneuver their way through new relationships, Caroline starts lying to June to protect her from a truth that threatens to break her heart and tear them apar…

Book Feature - Fate Book by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

Fate Book
by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff
New Adult Romance
Categories: Action/Adventure, Comedy, Mystery/Thriller
Publisher: Mimi Jean Pamfiloff
Release Date: August 15, 2013
Heat Level: Steamy
Length: 60,000
Available at:

Amazon (US):

Amazon (UK):

Amazon (Print):

B&N :

Kobo :

Dakota Dane is about to tell a lie she’ll wish she hadn’t. Because her lie is dangerous, sexy, and just showed up on campus, angry as hell and looking for her...

Ugly duckling Dakota Dane has a new boyfriend. He’s male-model gorgeous, built to perfection, wealthy, and smart. He is also a lie. As in, 100% fabricated. Does it matter that Dakota has a perfectly good reason for making him up? Not really. Not when Dakota’s made-up boyfriend sh…

Stuff That Mondays Me...I Mean, Baffles.

There's a 3-day weekend coming up, so I will dutifully drag myself through this one in hopes of making it to that glorious Labor Day. You won't be getting Stuff That Baffles Me next week. Alas, whatever shall you do? Um, other Interwebz-y things?

How 'bout we just move on to today's STBM?

Ahhh! No, Jurassic Park is real and we're all going to be mangled in this flea market! Gasp!

Yes, yes, those are velociraptors hanging from a ceiling, semi-hiding in fake foliage. With some lamps hanging from the platform because...why not? I'm not for sure if the dinosaurs are for sale, or if they're just awesome decorations. I assume it's safe to assume they're for sale because it's a flea market, but who knows? Maybe the flea market folks don't want to part with their ceiling of awesome.

I would've killed for those things as a kid. I had a serious love of all things dinosaur from the time I was knee-high to a grasshopper until about 7th grade. Yeah, …

The Friday Five - Man of Steel

Ready for some movie bashing? Sure you are. Disclaimer: I have terrible taste in movies. I like The Postman (one of my all-time faves), Jonah Hex, The Lone Ranger, and Cutthroat Island. Movies that generally make people go, WTH? So maybe Man of Steel isn't as bad as I think it is. But I just looked at it and went, Really, Chris Nolan? That's the script you helped with? SMH.

Five reasons I disliked Man of Steel. Go!

1) The opening scenes
B-O-R-I-N-G. So here's what I know about Superman (prior to the movie). He came from a doomed planet, sent here by his parents, because that's kind of their job to protect their offspring. Planet go boom, for some reason Superman is allergic to Kryptonite (which I had no idea what was. Is it an element? Somebody get me a wiki. If you're crazy like me, you're humming the Three Doors Down song right now), and he wears a pair of hipster glasses and yet no one recognizes him. Okay, great. Well, in Man of Steel, we're give a very…

Book Feature - Caught in the Crosshair by Barb Han

Caught in the Crosshair
by Barb Han
Romantic Suspense
Categories: Action/Adventure
Publisher: Self/Indie
Release Date: June 17, 2013
Heat Level: Steamy
Word Count/Length: 60,000 words/244 pages
Available at: Amazon -

Lauren James had ignored the recent spate of calls from her brother. After all, he was a big player linked to a major cartel, and he’d been dead to her for nearly a decade. Then she receives the one call she can’t ignore—her brother’sbeen kidnapped and will be killed if she doesn’t bring money. No matter how far gone her brother is, Lauren can’t turn her back on him completely. Deep down she’s always wanted to save him. Now, she’s forced into action because he’ll die otherwise.

Ex-Special Forces sniper Jaden Dean owns a private security firm and after losing his older brother to gang violence, needs to take down as many scum bags as he can—single-handedlyif need be. And he was the best. Until he trusted the wro…

Stuff That Baffles Me - Dragon vs. Horse

Hi, hi, everyone. Glad you could make it today. Please find your seats. I have an important announcement.

I got a whole lot of nothing done this weekend.

I was supposed to finish my galley edits, work on my WIP, and do some critiques. Yeah. Well, I did get three more chapters done on the galley. That counts as something, right?

So, without further ado, because I have no excuse for my bad behavior, here's:

'Kay, this is a horse kicking a dragon's a-double-s. I took it at a local Chinese restaurant. I'm not sure why a horse would have cause to kick a dragon's a-double-s, but it looks like an epic fight to the finish, wouldn't you say? Either the horse is killing the dragon with his own (the horse's) farts, or the dragon is getting stamped so hard, he's farting. I haven't decided yet. Epic, I tell you. I would hang this in my own house.
This has been... Stuff That Baffles Me.

That Thing (Or The Confession)

There are some lines I refuse to cross. Like owning a Dodge (*sigh* I guess I would, if I was really desperate and my options were limited), or eating bugs intentionally, or getting permanent make-up, or going spelunking (sweet Mother Mary, people! Tiny, tight, dark, airless spaces. Why? Why?).

I didn't get you a TFF today because I want to talk about a line I crossed.
I'm an author. You may have noticed. It says so right on the header. Someone once said (oh, sh!t, I know the answer to this...think...think...yeah, I got nothin'), nothing new is written, sung, created, blar, blar, blar. We're producing the same stuff in different ways. This appears to be true. But I do my best, you know? A different spin on the same old, a different character in a weary trope. I make up stuff that's new to me and hopefully new to you.
I read fervently sometimes, like I'll die if I don't get the end. I come to love characters, both from books and movies. Sometimes I want more…

Author Interview - Annette Drake

What's your book/current WIP about?
Celebration House is about a young woman who leaves Seattle and moves back to her childhood home in Lexington, Missouri. There, she buys and restores an abandoned Greek Revival mansion, which she then offers to the public for celebrations, such as weddings, class reunions, etc. Carrie Hansen, the main character, has a special gift: she can see and speak with the dead. This skill comes in useful because this 150-year-old house is full of spirits, especially the home’s builder who is not fond of the living. It’s one of these spirits, a soldier killed in the Battle of Lexington in Sept. 1861, who the main character develops a unique relationship with.

Care to share your favorite line(s)?
From the next to last chapter of the book:

“Beth swore she heard music, just a snippet of a fiddle. She smelled perfume and cigar smoke. Now standing at the bottom of the staircase, she turned on the foyer light. She felt afraid, another new sensation in Carrie’s ho…

Stuff That Baffles Me + Weekend Updates

Designing is hard. Finding the right images that will draw the eye. If it's Disney, slap a princess on it. Little girls eat that sh!t up. Here we go. Ariel and Snow White. Those little girls are gonna love this puzzle. Let's pick a font! It's gotta be girly to go with the princesses. Something scripty. Tah-dah! A Disney Princess Foil Puzzle. 

I know they're talking about taking cursive out of school. Who needs that when everyone types? I barely write anything by hand myself. I mean, why?

So then you end up with this.

That says Fail Puzzle. When O's are connected to another letter (this was beaten--sometimes literally--into our heads, younger generations) the little connecty part goes at the top of the O. If it's an A, it goes at the bottom. That's how people reading your sh!tty excuse for handwriting know which letter it is.

Enjoy your Fail Puzzle. Oh, wait. Aren't puzzles kind of going the same way as cursive? Who wants to play a puzzle when…

The Friday Five - Words I Pronounce Wrong

I don't think about them, or maybe I just don't know any better. Or maybe movies (darnit, Michael Cain) influence the way I talk. Or maybe because I was a loner as a child (as a child? I'm so introverted, it's awkward), no one really noticed I was pronouncing things wrong. Oh, wait. Yes they did, because people used to make fun of me all the time. I only noticed the first one last night because I was listening to Anna the Microsoft narrator read The Convict and the Cattleman.

1) Comfortable (ˈkəm(p)(f)-tə(r)-bəl,) - Or, if you're me, you say comfterbull. I kind of think it's a get-it-out-of-your-mouth word said in such a rush as to move on to other topics. You comfterbull?

2) Florida (flȯr-ə-də) - Or Flor'da. Said by the person who was also brought up to say Missourah instead of Missouree, so that could be the trouble. Darn those extra unneeded vowels.

3) Egg (eg) - Aig. I want a three aig omelette. Now!

4) Thoroughbred (thor·ough·bred) - Thorul-bred. I don…

Book Feature - Silverhawk by Barbara Bettis

Hey kids, it's Writer Wednesday and today I have a special treat for you. It's a book release from one of my fellow ORA members. Silverhawk is her debut from The Wild Rose Press. Right now it's available on Amazon, but look for the official release in November!

Sir Giles has come to England to kill his father, who seduced and betrayed his mother. First, however, he’ll seek sweet revenge—kidnap the old lord’s new betrothed. But when Giles uncovers a plot against King Richard, he faces a dilemma: take the lady or track the traitors. What’s a good mercenary to do? Both, of course.
Lady Emelin has had enough. Abandoned in a convent by her brother, she finally has a chance for home and family. Yet now she’s been abducted. Her kidnapper may be the image of her dream knight, but she won’t allow him to spoil this betrothal. Her only solution: escape.
Rescuing the intrepid lady—while hunting traitors—is a challenge Giles couldn’t anticipate.  But the greatest challenge to G…

It's Monday, So It Must Be Time For...

Yep, you know it. Here's

I hate seafood, which is weird, because I love the sea. But I can't stand anything that's swimming around in it's know. It all tastes like water gone bad. So here's something that baffles me:

Why can't they take the eyes out? Ugh, those icky stuffed crabs are STARING while you eat them. I mean, I don't eat them, but when we go to Cap'n D's, my husband always orders the same thing and it always comes with stuffed crabs with eyes. Soooooo gross.
This has been Stuff That Baffles me.

I was a bad Muffet Baby (I'm struggling to think of a good metaphor for something that was bad. Please feel free to help me out.) on Saturday and stayed home from the ORA meeting. I went to bed pretty late, but with full intentions of at least making the meeting, but probably not critique. When my alarm went off, my husband had just come to bed, even though he got home around 6:30 am. He said, "Stay home with me." And then pr…

The Friday Five - Some Grammar Here, Some Grammar There

I used Grammarly to grammar check this post, because...I mean, do you people read this blog? I write pretty much exactly the way I talk. If it seems like madness on the page, just imagine what it's like inside my head.

Just so you know, this post is sponsored by Grammarly. To continue with the theme from last week, we're talking about five grammatical thingies you're messing up in your manuscript. Because it's Friday and you're going to learn, that's why! Without further ado...

1) Bad vs. Badly - Because I'm a hick, you'll catch me mixing these two up when I talk. I want to go to the store real bad. If you're lucky, not only will I say that, but I'll say it with a drawl. Most folks don't know about my drawl, because I save it for the people I really love. My husband is from farther out in the sticks than me, but I can drawl with the best of them. Anyway, bad vs. badly. Double check your characters' dialogue, because unless they're fro…