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More Officialality

Maybe I should have come up with a new word to celebrate the new blurb, but this one will do. If I use it more, maybe it'll catch on.

I got an email Wednesday morning from my new editor at Lyrical Press. It contained the official blurb for Reclaimng Her Heart. Oh, you could've read the old one, sure, but why not read the new, real, great one that will adorn ebook retailers' websites? Well, let's have it.

When a broken heart heals, the love grows stronger.
Ben Darling is infuriating, arrogant and though he may look like every woman's dream, he's no better than a common thief for stealing Paralee Blake's childhood home. She stopped trusting Ben the moment he broke her heart, and nothing is going to sway her opinion of him. Not her father's insistence that that Ben is a good man, not his mother's matchmaking attempts, and certainly not the way his kisses make her heart pound.

Paralee is so stubborn and short-sighted, she can't see Ben only wants one thing since his return to Wilson townshipher happiness. He never intended to hurt her when he left on a personal mission to right a wrong. The trouble is, there's no walking back into Paralee's life and pretending the past didn't happen. She's never forgiven him for breaking off their courtship, an action he deeply regrets. From the moment he crosses paths with her again, it's clear it's going to take more than his usual charm to reclaim her heart.

It's a great deal like the old one. Also, I totally wrote that tagline. Go me!

I can't wait to show you all a cover for it.

Happy Friday, go, be, do! And maybe someday soon I'll blog regularly again.