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Weekend Wanderings

My writing has been sporadic at best, I'm ashamed to say. I finally crossed the 100,000 word mark late Saturday night. I'm going to try to pit myself for JuNoWriMo because Camp NaNo was a spectacular failure. I need the words, I need to get my contemporary romance finished, I need...four weeks on the beach with a bottle of Xanax. Unfortunately, that's unlikely to happen. I just have to hold out until I get my week's vacation in the yurt. Yes, a yurt. I'm thrilled stupid over the impending yurt trip in mid-June.

Yesterday, despite our late night (okay, hubby fell asleep in front of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour DVD he's only seen 27+ times), we meandered toward Branson just for the fun of it. After discovering one of our favorite pizza places was closed on Sundays, we headed to the only other one like it that we know of, which delivered us to Hollister, right across the road from my alma mater. So I said, "Let's drive down to CofO and look around."

Which delivered us to: Edwards Mill, where they grind corn (or something)
and weave rugs (or something). It's only open Mon-Sat though.

Then we went to the schoolhouse (it has a name, I forget what it is)
at the Ralph Foster Museum. I used to love sitting out there in the
quiet, usually reading a book.

Then we took a selfie at the Point. Back in the college days,
we used to sit out there and watch fireworks go off all around
Branson at the 4th of July.

Then we we ended up back in Branson at Grand Village where
this luna moth was sleeping on a bush. It didn't fool me.

And we went to the State Park Marina, where they have really
awesome hats that are totally outrageously priced. They
wanted almost $29 for this straw hat. Sheesh!
Yeah, we managed all of that in one day. I was a sleepy little traveler when we reached home, but I still managed to bake muffins (they are ridiculously easy to make from a mix. Who knew?), wash dishes, wash laundry, and bake pizza for lunch this week while hubby mowed the lawn. I also got another 500 words in. Whew!

This morning, I was thinking, really thinking, about what will happen next in my historical. Thank heavens, it wasn't more, need to get it done, but real plotting.

Oh, also, One Day in D.C. is FREE for a limited time on Kindle, so go grab that! Nothing graphic in there, it's PG-13.
Read me! Read me!


  1. LOL, you guys sure do a lot of cool stuff. I really enjoy reading about the places you visit.

    $29 for that hat??? It's nice, but not $29 nice, lol.

    1. It was nice to get back on CofO's campus. They've expanded and built a lot of new stuff since I graduated *cough, cough* ten years ago. And the marina was lovely, I don't think I'd ever been there before enough I used to go to that part of the lake all the time.


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