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First Friday, Anyone?

When I'm not busy being a weepy pile of I-don't-know-what-I'm-doing, I'm doing things like this:

I'm kind of starting to loathe that photo of me. I should really stop looking at it.
So this is going down Friday night from 7 to 10 p.m. on August 1st. We'll be at Arts & Letters, a place I can honestly say I've never been to because I don't frequent downtown Springfield often. Downtown is an interesting place and chalk full of neat things to see, but I'm scared to go there alone. I will walk miles in the woods, but I'm terrified of the concrete jungle. Anyway, because Arts & Letters is a gallery, I have the suspicion that it's well-lit and there will be plenty of people I know. As long as I stay away from dark alleys, I should be fine.
You know about me (and way too much about my neurotic tendencies), so let's learn about those other faces shining out of that banner, shall we?
About Ellen Harger: I’m a word gypsy and emotion sifter, …

The Quitting-est Quitter Who Ever Quit Quitting

I've recently had very good  news I'll share with you soon. Very good news is always awesome and wonderful. I can't wait to tell you about it.

Until then, I'm starting on kind of a dark note.

There's been a lot going on this year. It's been one blow after another (although there's been some good too). It seems like I've barely had time to catch my breath between crappy situations. I'm always behind and people are starting to get irritated by it. Essentially, I'm failing at life. I start thinking, okay, where can I cut corners? What can I do to simplify?

Because if I don't simplify, I'm going to go insane. I can't do everything, even though I want to. I have to do the things that are most important if I'm going to keep my head above water.

One of the things I've really had to cut back on was writing. You can tell. There are little notes throughout the blog this year (and far fewer blog posts than in recent history) stating my …

Finally a Finish

On the last episode of "What's Allison Up To (I Bet It's Not Writing)?", you saw us at Ha Ha Tonka State Park. There's been a lot happen since then.

I had a doctor's appointment last week where he none-too-casually says, "Yup, that's carpal tunnel." And also he said something that made me laugh. Or at least, I wanted to laugh when he said, "I'm sure you think it's severe" and I'm going, so you're saying it's not severe, I just think it is, because that's what I really wanted to hear. I kind of almost wanted him to tell me I was crazy and fine. Sadly, he didn't. Anyway, it's bad, but it's not bad-bad-bad, so that's good. He didn't say, "Stay away from computers, lady", so that's both good and bad. What's so bad-bad about it is that it is in both hands, which makes for really awkward sleepy night-night time (that's what I call bedtime when I'm talking to PeeWee). See, …

Guest Post - The Top 10 with Wanda Kay Fittro

I have another great author friend with a new release. Welcome Wanda Kay Fittro (her book is special because it came out on my birthday. And it's also a great read!)

Thanks Allison for letting me take over your blog today. I hope all your readers aren't too disappointed.

Let's get the self promotion out of the way and then to the fun stuff.

My debut contemporary romance novel is now out and about. Beyond The Horizon is available  here from my publisher Breathless Press and here from Amazon (check out the great reviews I've received so far) and soon from Barnes and Noble.

Here's the blurb:

When Katie Sullivan makes the hasty decision to run away from an abusive relationship, she has no clue what is ahead of her. She only knows it has to be better than her life up to now. Her boyfriend is a powerful drug dealer who will stop at nothing to get her back. She knows too much. Car trouble leaves her stranded in the middle of Kans…

Guest Post - The Anonymous Blog of Mrs. Jones by Ellen Harger

Good Thursday morning, y'all. Welcome my friend and wonderful writer, Ellen Harger to the blog today! Her new release The Anonymous Blog of Mrs. Jones is coming out on Monday!
Pushing My Comfort Zone

Where’s Dr. Ruth when you need her? I struggle writing sex scenes. Perfectly choreographed sex in books and movies drives me nuts. When the scene is well written, I forgive many fantastical elements, but considering the statistical evidence about sexual experience (ranging over many questions), I consider easy sex in fiction to be akin to body image issues. Size zeros and perfect sexual encounters are just so normal. That’s one reason why I like reading and writing contemporary and women’s fiction. My characters ask difficult questions.

Wait a minute, when did this become sex therapy for sex scenes in fiction?

So one day, as she and I were getting know Mr. Write, I asked Gillian what she liked? You know, girl talk. What stimulated her after the heady euphoria of initial attraction? Sh…

Friday Feature - The Treasure Hunter's Lady

Excellent news, book lovers! Because it's hot (okay, it's not that hot, we've actually had lovely weather in the land of the big canoes the last couple of days), I've put the entire Legends & Lovers series on sale! For your viewing pleasure, a scene from book one, The Treasure Hunter's Lady:

Gaslights flared to life around Abel. He spun. The talisman hung against his shirt as he reached for his Bennett. Romy watched him with more than a hint of curiosity on her face, eyes illuminated by the lamps. “What are you doing? Dammit, Romy, I almost had heart failure.” She came closer, running her hand along the back of a tooled leather settee. “I found it odd that you professed to be a fan of my father's, yet you left before congratulating him. It had crossed my mind that you were using me to get to him.” Her eyes flickered over the maps. “I see I was wrong.” He sighed. “I wasn't using you. I didn't even know you were related until you mentioned it. Nothing pers…

The Long, Lovely Weekend

It was a 3-day, so of course it was better than a regular weekend right off.

Friday morning, I slept in, but I got up earlier than the spousal unit to do some editing. His parents came to mow our yard and we had a little picnic down by the school. After, we met up with my side of the family for some fireworks and a cookout. There were dipped strawberries involved that were to die for. I did get a little burn from the Poopy Puppy firework I set off, but I'm okay, never fear. We took the PW Monster as well and he was a little freaked out by the very loud fireworks, but I was proud of him because he stayed quiet. He slept the whole way to Mom's house as we ventured up the road to spend the night so we could clean out her barn the next day. That went surprisingly fast, and after, we headed up to Pomme de Terre to watch their firework show. I'm sad to say, that show wasn't all that impressive. I'm sure they tried, bless them. It was a beautiful evening for sitting out a…

Happy Independence Day!

Review & Promo Mail-Order Groom - Cindy Flores Martinez

About the book:
Mail-Order Groom, a debut romantic comedy novel by Cindy Flores Martinez, was inspired by the author’s own Polish ancestry and is based on her screenplay and movie project of the same title, which she shopped around Hollywood, New York, and other parts of the world.

A sweet romance about an American woman who marries a stranger from Poland after her fiancé leaves her right before the wedding.

Lisa is about to marry her first real love and have the wedding of her dreams, but her world is shattered when she finds her fiancé, Jeff, in the arms of another woman. When he calls the wedding off, Lisa is heartbroken.

In a twist of fate, she meets Krzysztof Zielinski from Poland on Mail-Order-Grooms.Com. He needs to marry an American woman so that he can stay in America, and he’s willing to pay money for it. His reason for needing to stay is what tugs at Lisa’s heart and convinces her to say “I do” to him. After all, it’s going to be strictly a business deal. She won’t even hav…