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Happy Howlidays!

Wishing you all the best, from my home to yours!

Wordy Wednesday - Five Roads From Beltane

Here's the meet-cute between my characters Lucy Hawley and Joseph Wade from my "ending" in Five Roads From Beltane. Merry Christmas!

Lucy Hawley stretched on her tips of her toes and extended her fingers to push an errant can of baking soda back onto the shelf. The ladder she was on shook beneath her unsteady grip. She grabbed for the shelf to help stabilize her position, but missed. The rest of the baking soda cans spilled to the floor. “Lucy? What is going on back there?” She cringed, then scrambled down from the ladder. Clarence Hutson, her employer, wouldn’t be pleased by her accident. “I knocked a few things over, sir. It won’t take more than a moment to restore them.” She bent and started picking up the cans. “I’m nearly finished with the stocking.” He rounded the corner of the shelf. “Sweet mercy, Lucy. How did this happen?” “The ladder isn’t the most stable item in the store, sir.” Mr. Hutson put his hands on his hips. “But you’re certainly the clumsiest. Get this mess …

Wordy Wednesday - Sin & the Sea

Proven fact: You can never have too much pirate in your life. Unless, maybe, you're like trapped by Somali pirates or something. Don't do that. Have some fictional, hot pirates instead, 'k?

Here's a snippet from Sin and the Sea, my contribution to the Treasured Love box set.
Warm wind coaxed Sinda Pound’s hair from the knot at her neck. The silvery moon cast light on the dark waves slapping the hull of the Blackest Sin. Now and then, the salt spray burned her eyes. She licked her lips, savoring the taste. At her right hip, the weight of her cutlass tapped her calf as the wind picked up again. She traced the engravings on the hilt while she leaned on the deck rail. Blackest Sin pulled against the anchor mooring it in the harbor like an anxious horse awaiting a long run. Tension pulled Sinda’s shoulders up toward her ears. Patience had never been her strong suit, though she’d had years to hone it. She rested her hand against the railing. In the darkness, it was nigh impossi…