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Take Cover!

The White People Almost Kissing collection is back! I wouldn't want anyone to get the idea that these aren't romance novels, after all. 

Similar to the old cover, this one captures the same couple, but in a different pose with a lighter background and a baby horse. This is my most favorite historical romance I've written and I think the cover came out just beautifully, because I am amazing, obviously. My cover artist did the hard work though. I just picked out the images. It's bright and happy...even though some parts of the story are kind of dark. But it very much reminds me of a summer day in the Ozarks. And it captures the hat--which was an important element in the story--and the horses, which were a bonding moment for the hero and heroine.

 This one. This one just came out super awesome and captures everything I was going for in this book. I had another stock couple picked out for this one, because I really liked the woman, but the guy was shirtless and it didn't fit what I wanted. I was really happy with this couple though and the backdrop is so perfect because the entire book is about how the heroine looses her beloved mill and this guy she used to court has taken it from her. No doubt in my mind there had to be a mill in the backdrop of Reclaiming Her Heart.
This one was a relatively simple thing. I bought that stock image of the couple right after this book first came out. I used it a time or two when playing with backgrounds for the blog, then forgot about it. It was hard to come up with an idea for a background on this one. It's set in Australia, but it's not the Outback. It's more the downhill side of the Blue Mountains. So, boom, mountains. I like the darker colors for it. I opted to keep this couple because a) I already had the graphic and b) her dress is exactly what I wanted because I love the long, lacy cuffs. Yep, that sealed it for me.

So they might have a touch of the old covers (except for Reclaiming Her Heart, which only has some water in common with that other cover), but they're new and beautiful and I'm pretty happy.

Now if I could just get motivated to go through the files and get everything back in order so they'll be live on Amazon again.

I'm working on my Camp NaNoWriMo novella, which is a Victorian romance. It's not due until July and not releasing until September, but I wanted to get it done well in advance. I've got to get two other novellas edited and so far I'm just way behind. One is due at the first of May and the other the end of this month. Procrastination! That's pretty much how I do things. Hey, some of us work better under crazy pressure.